Primal Kitchen Ketchup: Going Organic and Unsweetened

Introduction to Primal Kitchen Ketchup – The Healthy Alternative to Traditional Ketchup

Who doesn’t love ketchup? It’s the perfect condiment to add a tangy flavor to any meal. But have you ever thought about how much sugar and preservatives are in traditional ketchup brands? The good news is that there are healthier ketchup alternatives available, and Primal Kitchen Ketchup is one of them.

Primal Kitchen is a company that believes in using real food ingredients. That means no added sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives. And their organic unsweetened ketchup is no exception. It’s made with high-quality ingredients that not only taste great but also offer a healthier alternative to sugar-laden ketchup.

This ketchup brand is gluten-free, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and organic, making it suitable for a broad range of dietary needs. It is also free from soy and dairy, which means vegan and lactose intolerant people can get in on the action too. So what are the ingredients of Primal Kitchen Ketchup?

The Ingredients

Primal Kitchen Ketchup contains the following ingredients: organic tomato concentrate, organic balsamic vinegar, less than 2% of salt, organic spices, and organic onion powder. That’s it! No high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, no preservatives. This ketchup is clean, simple, organic, and delicious.

The tomato concentrate is made from organic vine-ripened tomatoes, which are then cooked and strained to create a thick, rich base for the ketchup. Balsamic vinegar is used to add a tangy, slightly sweet flavor to the ketchup, which perfectly balances the tomatoes’ natural acidity. The spices and onion powder add depth of flavor.

The Benefits

So, why choose Primal Kitchen Ketchup over traditional ketchup brands? Not only is it free from added sugars, but it also offers several benefits:


Organic ingredients mean that the product is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Primal Kitchen Ketchup is made from organically grown tomatoes, which can have higher nutrient levels than conventionally grown tomatoes.

Low Sugar:

Traditional ketchup brands usually contain high amounts of added sugars, which can lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes. Primal Kitchen Ketchup contains no added sugars and only 1 gram of natural sugar per serving.

Suitable for Special Diets:

Unlike traditional ketchup brands that may contain soy, dairy, or gluten, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is suitable for a broad range of dietary needs. This makes it a perfect addition to your pantry if you have any dietary restrictions.

A Better Taste:

Primal Kitchen Ketchup tastes fresher and more vibrant than traditional ketchup brands. The organic ingredients give the ketchup a pronounced tomato flavor that complements any dish.

How to Use Primal Kitchen Ketchup

Primal Kitchen Ketchup can be used just like any other ketchup brand. It’s perfect for dipping and spreading, and can also be used as a marinade or baste. Try using it in your meatloaf, cocktail sauce, or BBQ sauce for a delicious twist on classic recipes.

In conclusion, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is a delicious, healthier alternative to traditional ketchup. It’s made from organic ingredients, contains no added sugars, and offers a better taste. Whether you’re following a special diet or just want a healthier option for your condiments, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is worth a try. Get your hands on a bottle today and taste the difference!

The Benefits of Using Organic, Unsweetened Ketchup

Ketchup is a staple condiment in most households and is often used to add flavor to various dishes. However, most people are not aware of the amount of sugar and preservatives present in regular store-bought ketchup. Fortunately, there is a healthier alternative that is gaining popularity in the market – organic, unsweetened ketchup! Here are a few benefits of using this condiment in your kitchen:

1. Good for Your Health

Organic, unsweetened ketchup is a healthier option compared to regular ketchup as it contains fewer calories and less sugar. Most regular ketchups contain high fructose corn syrup, which is a type of artificial sugar that has been linked to a host of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Organic, unsweetened ketchup, on the other hand, is free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It is sweetened with natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, which gives it a tangy flavor. Moreover, organic ketchup is made from tomatoes that have been grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means that it is free from harmful chemicals that could negatively affect your health.

It’s important to note that consuming organic, unsweetened ketchup in moderation is recommended, especially if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet.

2. Better for the Environment

Organic, unsweetened ketchup is not just good for your health, but it is also better for the environment. Traditional farming methods often involve the use of chemicals and pesticides, which can pollute the soil, water, and air. Organic farming, however, involves the use of sustainable practices that promote soil health, reduce pollution, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

When you buy organic, unsweetened ketchup, you are supporting farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. You are also promoting the use of natural methods and reducing the demand for chemicals and non-renewable resources.

Additionally, the packaging of organic, unsweetened ketchup is usually made from recyclable materials. Choosing this type of ketchup can significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

3. Versatile and Delicious

One of the best things about organic, unsweetened ketchup is that it is extremely versatile. Apart from being used as a dip or condiment, it can also be used as an ingredient in various recipes.

You can add organic ketchup to your homemade salad dressings, sauces, stews, and soups to enhance their flavor. It can also be used as a marinade for poultry, fish, and meat. You can even add it to your scrambled eggs or omelets to give them a tasty twist.

Organic, unsweetened ketchup has a delicious taste that is different from regular ketchup. The tangy flavor of apple cider vinegar and the natural sweetness of the sun-ripened tomatoes make it a crowd-pleaser in any kitchen.


Organic, unsweetened ketchup is a healthier, eco-friendly and versatile alternative to regular ketchup. It is made with natural ingredients and is free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and GMOs. Choosing organic ketchup not only benefits your health but also supports sustainable farming practices and reduces environmental pollution. So, if you want to enjoy a delicious and guilt-free condiment, organic, unsweetened ketchup is the way to go!

Ingredients of Primal Kitchen Ketchup

Primal Kitchen Ketchup is a delicious and healthy condiment that is organic, unsweetened, and made with wholesome ingredients. The ketchup is free from gluten, dairy, soy, and other common allergens and has no added sugars, corn syrup, or preservatives. The ingredients of Primal Kitchen Ketchup include:

  1. Organic Tomato Concentrate: The first ingredient in Primal Kitchen Ketchup is organic tomato concentrate, which is made from fresh, ripe tomatoes that have been cooked down to a thick paste. This concentrate is then combined with other ingredients to give the ketchup its signature flavor.
  2. Organic Balsamic Vinegar: Primal Kitchen Ketchup also contains organic balsamic vinegar, which is a flavorful and tangy addition to the recipe. Balsamic vinegar is made from grapes that are aged and fermented to produce a thick, syrupy liquid that is full of flavor.
  3. Organic Onion Powder: To add depth and savory flavor to the ketchup, organic onion powder is added to the ingredients list. This powder is made from dried, finely ground onions and adds a subtle but distinct flavor to the ketchup.
  4. Sea Salt: As with most condiments, salt is also a necessary ingredient in Primal Kitchen Ketchup. The sea salt used in the recipe is unrefined and is used to enhance the natural flavors of the other ingredients.
  5. Organic Garlic Powder: Primal Kitchen Ketchup contains organic garlic powder, which is a flavorful and aromatic addition to the recipe. Garlic powder is made from dried garlic cloves that have been finely ground into a powder and is a popular flavoring in many dishes.
  6. Organic Spices: To add a complex and spicy flavor to the ketchup, organic spices are also used in the recipe. These spices are carefully selected and blended to create a unique and delicious flavor that sets Primal Kitchen Ketchup apart from other ketchups on the market.

Nutritional Information of Primal Kitchen Ketchup

Not only is Primal Kitchen Ketchup delicious, but it is also a healthy and nutritious choice for anyone looking to improve their diet. The ketchup is packed with wholesome ingredients and is free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other ingredients that can harm your health. Here is a breakdown of the nutritional information for Primal Kitchen Ketchup:

Calories: Each serving of ketchup (one tablespoon) contains just five calories, making it a low-calorie condiment that can be enjoyed guilt-free.

Fat: There is no fat in Primal Kitchen Ketchup, making it a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their fat intake.

Carbohydrates: Each serving of ketchup contains just one gram of carbohydrates, making it a low-carb option for those on a low-carb diet.

Fiber: There is one gram of fiber in each serving of ketchup, which is important for maintaining healthy digestion and promoting feelings of fullness.

Protein: There is no significant protein content in Primal Kitchen Ketchup.

Sugar: Unlike traditional ketchup, Primal Kitchen Ketchup contains no added sugars or high-fructose corn syrup. Each serving of ketchup contains just one gram of naturally occurring sugars from the tomatoes.

Sodium: Each serving of ketchup contains 120 milligrams of sodium, which is about five percent of the recommended daily allowance. While this is not a significant amount of sodium, those with high blood pressure or other health concerns should monitor their sodium intake.

Overall, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is a healthy and delicious condiment that is perfect for anyone looking to improve their diet and avoid artificial ingredients. With its wholesome ingredients and low-calorie, low-carb profile, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is a condiment that can be enjoyed guilt-free.

Delicious Recipes Using Primal Kitchen Ketchup

Primal Kitchen Ketchup has quickly gained popularity among health enthusiasts everywhere. It is a healthy, unsweetened, organic condiment that is free from high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients. It is a great substitute for traditional ketchup that is filled with sugars and other harmful ingredients. Primal Kitchen Ketchup is also vegan-friendly.

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Everyone loves sweet potato fries, and they taste even better with Primal Kitchen Ketchup. This recipe is simple and quick to make, even for beginners. Preheat the oven to 425°F, then cut sweet potatoes into wedges and spread them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then, drizzle olive oil on the wedges and sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper. Bake for 25 minutes, flipping the wedges halfway. Serve alongside Primal Kitchen Ketchup, and enjoy!

2. Turkey Meatballs

This turkey meatball recipe is a great healthy alternative to traditional meatballs that are typically made with breadcrumbs and eggs. In a bowl, mix ground turkey, almond flour, garlic powder, diced onion, salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup of Primal Kitchen Ketchup. Roll the mixture into balls, then bake them in the oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Serve with more Primal Kitchen Ketchup on top, and you have yourself a delicious and healthy meal.

3. BBQ Chicken Wings

These BBQ chicken wings are perfect for a quick and healthy dinner, and they also make great leftovers. Preheat the oven to 425°F. In a bowl, mix Primal Kitchen Ketchup, apple cider vinegar, smoked paprika, and honey. Toss the chicken wings in the mixture, and make sure each piece is coated evenly. Baked in the oven for 25-30 minutes, flipping halfway through. Serve the BBQ chicken wings with more Primal Kitchen Ketchup and celery on the side.

4. Carrot Fritters

Carrot fritters are a great way to use up any leftover carrots, and this recipe is super easy to make. In a bowl, mix grated carrots, almond flour, diced onion, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup of Primal Kitchen Ketchup. Heat up some olive oil in a pan over medium heat, form small patties from the mixture, and fry on each side for 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Serve with more Primal Kitchen Ketchup drizzled on top and a side of avocado slices.

5. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are always a crowd-pleaser, and this recipe is no exception. In a pan, cook ground beef, diced onion, and garlic until the meat is browned. Drain any excess fat. Then add 1/4 cup of Primal Kitchen Ketchup, tomato sauce, chili powder, mustard, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix everything together and cook for another 5-7 minutes over low heat. Serve the sloppy Joes on a burger bun with a side of sweet potato fries, and more Primal Kitchen Ketchup on top.

Primal Kitchen Ketchup is a great addition to any healthy and delicious meal. These recipes are just a few examples of how versatile it can be, and how you can use it to replace traditional ketchup in various dishes. Give these recipes a try, and let us know which one is your favorite!

What Makes Primal Kitchen Ketchup So Special?

Primal Kitchen Ketchup is not your ordinary ketchup. While most ketchups in the market contain added sugars and artificial ingredients, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is made using only premium organic ingredients, making it a healthier option for individuals that care about what they put into their bodies. Apart from its wholesome and superior taste, Primal Kitchen Ketchup is also Paleo and Keto-friendly, ideal for people that adhere to these dietary lifestyles.

Where Can You Buy Primal Kitchen Ketchup?

If you are interested in giving Primal Kitchen Ketchup a try, you can buy it from various stores both online and offline. The easiest way to order your bottle of Primal Kitchen Ketchup is via their website You can also visit their store locator on the website under the “Find a Store” tab and use your current location to find a store near you that stocks Primal Kitchen products, including their ketchup. Major retailers like Whole Foods, Kroger, and Sprouts also stock Primal Kitchen Ketchup on their shelves.

Pricing Options

The cost of Primal Kitchen Ketchup may vary based on where you purchase it from and your location. You can buy a single 12 oz bottle of Primal Kitchen Ketchup directly from the Primal Kitchen website for $5.99. However, if you buy in bulk, you can save some money. For instance, a pack of 3 bottles will cost you $16.17, while a pack of 6 bottles will cost you $29.34, which is much cheaper than buying individual bottles. When purchasing Primal Kitchen Ketchup from other retailers such as Whole Foods, you may find that the price is a bit higher than buying directly from the Primal Kitchen website. Some stores may offer promotions or discounts occasionally, which can reduce the cost of the ketchup.

How Does Primal Kitchen Ketchup Compare To Other Brands?

Primal Kitchen Ketchup stands out from other brands in several ways. One of the most notable differences is the lack of added sugars in Primal Kitchen Ketchup. Most ketchup brands available in stores contain added sugars, and this affects both the taste and the overall health value of the ketchup. Primal Kitchen Ketchup, on the other hand, uses organic ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, tomato concentrate, and spices, instead of adding sugar. This gives it a rich, tangy flavor that is a perfect blend of sweet and savory. Another significant factor that sets Primal Kitchen Ketchup apart from other brands is its Paleo and Keto-friendly status. This means that people who follow these dietary lifestyles can consume Primal Kitchen Ketchup without worrying about the ingredients’ negative effects on their health.

What Are People Saying About Primal Kitchen Ketchup?

People are raving about Primal Kitchen Ketchup for its superior taste and excellent health benefits. Customers that have used this ketchup show immense satisfaction in their reviews, praising it for the organic ingredients, lack of added sugars, and the perfect blend of flavors. Several reviews on Amazon show that Primal Kitchen Ketchup is one of the best ketchup brands available in the market. Most customers report that they have switched from other brands of ketchup to Primal Kitchen Ketchup due to its overall quality.


Primal Kitchen Ketchup is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality ketchup made from organic ingredients without added sugars. It is Paleo and Keto-friendly, making it a suitable option for people that follow these dietary lifestyles. You can buy Primal Kitchen Ketchup from various retailers or directly from their website. Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run, and you can also take advantage of promotions or discounts offered by some retailers. If you are looking to make a healthy and flavorful swap from regular ketchup to a better alternative, give Primal Kitchen Ketchup a try.