Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Watch Out for in 2022

The Rise of Natural Wood Tones

In 2022, natural wood tones are making a comeback in kitchen cabinet designs. After years of painted finishes and trendy colors dominating the market, homeowners and designers are returning to the beauty and warmth of natural wood.

One of the biggest reasons for the rise of natural wood tones is the shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly designs. Instead of using synthetic materials or finishes with high VOCs, homeowners are opting for cabinets made from responsibly sourced wood. This not only benefits the environment, but it also adds a touch of organic beauty to the kitchen.

Another reason for the popularity of natural wood is the desire for a timeless and classic look. While painted finishes and trendy colors may look great for a few years, they can quickly become outdated. Natural wood, on the other hand, has been used in kitchen designs for centuries and will never go out of style. Plus, it can be easily updated with new hardware or accessories.

When it comes to natural wood tones, there are a variety of options to choose from. Oak, maple, cherry, and walnut are all popular choices for kitchen cabinets. Each wood has its own unique grain and texture, giving homeowners the ability to customize their kitchen to their liking. Lighter woods like maple and oak are perfect for creating a bright and airy space, while darker woods like walnut and cherry add a touch of elegance to the room.

If you’re not ready to commit to an all-wood kitchen, consider incorporating natural wood accents into your design. Open shelving made from reclaimed wood or a wooden range hood can add warmth and character to any kitchen. For a more subtle touch, try natural wood knobs or pulls on your existing cabinets.

When it comes to pairing natural wood tones with other colors, the possibilities are endless. Neutral colors such as white, gray, and black allow the wood to be the standout feature in the room. Bold colors like navy blue or emerald green provide a striking contrast to the warmth of the wood. For a cohesive and balanced look, consider pairing natural wood cabinets with earthy hues like terracotta or moss green.

No matter what type of wood or color scheme you choose, natural wood tones are a timeless and versatile choice for any kitchen. With its warmth and beauty, it’s no wonder that natural wood is making a comeback in kitchen designs for 2022.

Bold Blues and Moody Greens Take Center Stage

Kitchen cabinets have transformed from being simply functional to an essential aesthetic element in home decor. Kitchen cabinet colors have evolved to become the focal point of a kitchen design, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. This year, designers are favoring bold blues and moody greens for kitchen cabinets to add a unique, timeless styling to every kitchen.

Blue is a versatile color with various shades that can be applied to different kitchen styles. From the energetic navy to the calming teal, there is a blue hue that would work for every kitchen. Navy blue cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in modern and traditional kitchens and work great in contrast with white countertops and brass hardware. A navy blue island with white cabinets also creates a stunning focal point in an open kitchen concept. On the other hand, turquoise and teal shades add a cheerful pop of color to any kitchen and are particularly suitable for a coastal or bohemian-style kitchen design.

Moody green kitchen cabinets are becoming a design staple for trendy and high-end kitchens. Rich forest green and emerald greens are the standout shades this year. This palette brings in a sophisticated luxury touch to any kitchen and can be paired with brass or gold finishes to create an elegant look. Contemporary kitchens tend to pair emerald green cabinetry with marble or brass accents to create a modern and sleek melange.

Green cabinets are perfect for creating a statement in an all-white kitchen palette. However, when paired with other greenery such as indoor plants, they enhance the natural and organic vibe of the kitchen. A fresh way to incorporate green cabinetry is by using different shades of green and mixing and matching to create a unique green palette.

Whether opting for a bold blue or moody green hue, a kitchen cabinet color update requires careful consideration. However, with proper planning, new kitchen cabinets can transform an aging kitchen design into a timeless and unique space.

Introducing these bold and moody kitchen cabinets are perfect for homeowners looking to give their kitchens a touch of personality, elegance and uniqueness. A kitchen is often the heart of the home, and it can be the most used space, where it creates family memories, hosts dinner parties and evening cocktails with friends. Choosing the right design will add sparkle to this kitchen, and when designing it, don’t compromise the functionality.

One advantage of using bold cabinet colors is the way they create a defined space in an open concept kitchen. Open-concept kitchens present a challenge because they tend to blend with the other rooms and don’t have a particular character of their own. Using bold shades for your kitchen cabinets creates a bold impression that sets it apart from the rest of the open-layout home.

When choosing the right cabinet color, consider different lighting options to ensure that the colors appear vivid and unique. The right lighting highlights the cabinet’s finish and texture, creating an immersive and eye-catching kitchen design. Cabinet hardware selection is also essential to the overall design. For example, contrasting brass or gold hardware to a navy-blue cabinet can be striking and add a touch of glamour.

In conclusion, 2022 will see homeowners and designers embrace bolder and moodier hues. Bold blue and moody green cabinets take center stage in kitchen design, and these colors are perfect for homeowners who want to add a splash of personality and elegance. When choosing the right color, it is vital to consider all the elements, such as lighting and cabinet hardware, to create that unique look. By updating your kitchen cabinets, you can transform your kitchen space and enjoy a renewed space for years to come.

Sleek and Modern Monochromatic Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly one of the most important elements when it comes to designing a modern kitchen space, and choosing the right color can make or break the overall aesthetic. Monochromatic kitchen cabinets have been around for a while, but they are getting increasingly popular in 2022. Sleek and modern monochromatic cabinets are a great way to add a sophisticated and timeless look to your kitchen space. They are easy to maintain, and the absence of bright accent colors gives a calming and upscale feel to the kitchen.

Black and White Cabinets

The classic black and white color scheme never gets old and is a timeless choice that fits with both modern and traditional kitchens. If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look, a black and white color scheme is a great option. White upper cabinets paired with black lower cabinets create a clean and crisp look that is always appealing. Add some metallic or wood accents, and you’ve got yourself a timeless yet modern kitchen that will never go out of style. Moreover, black and white cabinets can complement almost any other color or design and provide an excellent contrast to colored backsplashes or kitchen tiles.

Grey Cabinets with a Pop of Color

If you’re looking for a monochromatic look but want to add some color to your kitchen space, gray cabinets with a pop of color are a great option in 2022. Gray is a versatile and elegant color that can add depth and sophistication to your kitchen. Pairing gray with a pop of color can add that extra design element that brings everything together. Choose a bold color like navy blue or deep green for your backsplash or kitchen island to create that perfect accent against sleek and modern gray cabinets.

Blue Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs. From pale pastels to deep maritime shades, there is a blue hue to suit every taste. Blue cabinets create a sense of calmness and relaxation in the kitchen, and their timeless appeal means that they will continue to be on-trend in the coming years. A great way to accentuate the blue color in the kitchen is to pair it with metallic finishes such as chrome or gold. You can also use bold-colored appliances or sink fixtures to create a perfect accent against the blue cabinets.

Muted Earthy Tones

If you are looking for a monochromatic look that is understated and sophisticated, muted earthy tones can provide a harmonious and organic feel to your kitchen space. From soft browns to olive greens, muted earthy tones bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the kitchen, and their understated appeal will keep your kitchen looking timeless for years to come. Pairing muted earthy tones with natural materials such as wood or stone can create a cohesive and natural feel to your kitchen. Using these natural elements is a great way of infusing your space with a sense of warmth and organic feel.

Incorporating Texture

Incorporating texture is an excellent way to add interest to your monochromatic kitchen and enhance the overall design. Using different textures, such as stone, wood, or metal, can create an attractive contrast and dimensional depth that will bring your kitchen to life. Textured finishes can also provide excellent durability and functionality to your kitchen cabinets, especially in high-use areas. Textured finishes also create a tactile experience that is both interesting and comforting to use in your kitchen space.

Avoiding a Bland Look

While monochromatic kitchen cabinets look sleek and modern, it’s important to avoid creating a bland or stark-looking kitchen. Incorporating different shades of the same color, patterns, and contrasting textures is key to creating a balanced and harmonious feel to your kitchen. Adding pops of color or accented metallic finishes can be a great way to create interest and personality in your monochromatic kitchen space. Other ways of avoiding a bland look include incorporating open shelving, showcasing interesting dishware and accessories, and having good lighting to add depth to your kitchen space.


Sleek and modern monochromatic kitchen cabinets are a great way to create a sophisticated and timeless look in your kitchen space. While the classic black and white color scheme is always a favorite, gray cabinets with a pop of color, blue cabinets, and muted earthy tones are becoming increasingly popular in 2022 kitchen designs. To create an interesting and dimensional look, it’s important to incorporate different shades of the same color, contrasting textures, and pops of color to avoid a bland or stark-looking kitchen. Incorporating natural materials such as wood or stone can also create a sense of warmth and organic feel to your monochromatic kitchen space.

The Return of the Warm and Cozy Browns

When it comes to choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets, warm and cozy browns are making a comeback in 2022. It is predicted that homeowners will opt for earthy, warm colors to create a comforting and inviting atmosphere in their kitchen. Browns are a versatile color that can work well with different styles and easily complement other colors in your kitchen.

If you are considering the warm and cozy brown palette for your kitchen cabinets, here are some options to consider:

Dark Chocolate Brown:

Dark chocolate brown is an excellent color choice for your kitchen cabinets if you want to create a warm and rich atmosphere. This shade of brown is perfect for creating a classic and traditional look in your kitchen. When complemented with other warm hues, dark chocolate brown color can uplift the overall feel of your kitchen.

Earthy Brown:

Earthy brown is a popular choice for homeowners who are looking to create a natural feel in their kitchen. This shade of brown works well with green or other earthy hues to create harmony and unison between these colors. Earthy brown is a more subtle brown shade that can create a warm atmosphere without being too bold.

Medium Brown:

If you want a neutral brown shade that is not too light or dark, medium brown is the perfect pick for your kitchen cabinets. This hue can add warmth to your kitchen without being overpowering. Additionally, medium brown works well with other neutral colors, such as white, black, and gray.

Light Brown:

For homeowners who prefer a brighter kitchen, light brown is a great color choice for kitchen cabinets. This shade of brown has a softer and subtle look that will give your kitchen a warm and cozy atmosphere. One of the ways you can incorporate light brown into your kitchen is by pairing them up with dark-colored countertops or other appliances to create a contrast that will make this hue pop.

When it comes to the finish of your brown kitchen cabinets, homeowners can choose between a glossy or matte finish. If you want to create a modern feel in your kitchen, a glossy finish can give your brown cabinets a shiny and sleek look. On the other hand, if you want to create a more organic and natural look, a matte finish works well with brown cabinets.

Another essential tip for homeowners looking to incorporate brown kitchen cabinets is to consider the lighting. Regardless of the color of your kitchen cabinets, the lighting can significantly impact the overall atmosphere and mood in your kitchen. Installing warm-toned lighting can enhance the beauty and warmth of your brown cabinets.


2022 is the year to bring back the warm and cozy browns into your kitchen. Homeowners are embracing natural and organic colors, and brown shades create the perfect ambience that everyone seems to be seeking. Whether you prefer a darker or a lighter hue of brown, incorporating brown cabinets into your kitchen can create a comforting and inviting vibe that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Making a Statement with Unexpected Pop Colors

Kitchens are no longer just spaces for preparing meals and drinks. They are quickly becoming the hub of the home, a multi-functional space where we can dine, socialize and even work, which makes kitchen cabinets a very important design feature. Whether you are planning a full-fledged renovation or just looking to make a few simple updates, cabinet colors make a big difference.

One of the biggest trends in kitchen cabinet colors for 2022 is the use of unexpected pop colors. Homeowners are increasingly looking for that extra bit of WOW factor in their kitchen design, and statement colors are a great way to achieve this. Think bold brights, deep jewel tones, and vivid pastels to add a splash of personality to your cooking space.

Here are five ways to make a statement with unexpected pop colors for your kitchen cabinets in 2022:

1. Be Bold with Brights

If you’re looking to add a fun and playful vibe to your kitchen, then bold, bright colors are the way to go. Think vibrant yellows, oranges, pinks, and even neons. These high-energy hues are perfect for injecting a little bit of fun and personality into the heart of the home. For a more subtle approach, opt for bright cabinet doors with contrasting muted tones for the rest of the kitchen decor.

2. Go Dark and Mysterious with Deep Jewel Tones

Dark, rich jewel tones always add a luxurious touch to any interior space. From deep emerald greens and sapphire blues, to inky purples and even ruby reds, there is no shortage of jewel tone hues to choose from. These colors can be used to create a moody and dramatic kitchen design that will make a real statement. Paired with light countertops and wooden accents, they create a perfect balance of dark and light.

3. Keep it Soft and Subtle with Pastels

If you prefer something a little softer, then pastels are the perfect pop of color for your kitchen cabinets. Subtle shades of mint green, powder blue, or blush pink can add a touch of whimsy and romance to your cooking space. These shades work well with modern, minimalist kitchens, as they provide a breath of fresh air without detracting from the clean lines and simple design.

4. Mix and Match with Two-Tone Cabinets

If you can’t decide between bold brights, deep jewel tones, and calming pastels, why not have the best of all worlds with two-tone cabinets? Mixing and matching colors adds interest, texture, and depth to your kitchen design. Consider pairing navy blue cabinets with a pop of yellow on the bottom, or blush pink with a rich, emerald green. The options are endless!

5. Create Contrast with Black and White Cabinets

Black and white is a classic color combination, and there is no better way to add a bold pop of color than by pairing it with this timeless duo. Cabinets painted in high-gloss black or deep charcoal make a dramatic statement when contrasted with white walls, countertops, or tiles. The effect is sleek, modern, and always in style. You can even add some gold hardware for extra glam.

In summary, if you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen cabinets in 2022, then unexpected pop colors are the perfect way to do it. From bold brights to soft pastels and deep jewel tones, there is no shortage of colors to choose from.