Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen with these Sleek Faucet Options

Features to Look for in a Commercial Kitchen Faucet

A commercial kitchen faucet is the mainstay of the busiest cooking station in any restaurant or hotel. It needs to be durable and functional as well as safe and easy to use. Whether you are starting a new restaurant business or renovating your kitchen, choosing the right commercial kitchen faucet is crucial. Here are some essential features that every good commercial kitchen faucet should have.


When buying a commercial kitchen faucet, the first thing that you should consider is the material used to make the faucet. The faucet should be made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear due to constant use. The most common materials used for commercial faucets are brass, stainless steel, and chrome. Brass is the traditional choice as it is robust, easy to maintain and has excellent corrosion resistance. However, stainless steel is the most popular choice because it is durable, hygienic, and resistant to all forms of corrosion. Chrome is also preferred, largely, because it is stylish and easy to clean.


There are three primary styles of commercial kitchen faucets. The first is the wall-mounted faucet that is regarded as an affordable option and saves counter space. The second option is the deck-mounted faucet, which allows the faucet to be installed on any flat surface. The third option is the overhead faucet that comes with a long and flexible hose that reaches all corners of the sink. Choose the style that best suits your kitchen and work requirements.

Water Efficiency

Commercial kitchens consume a lot of water, which can be a significant operational cost. Therefore, a commercial kitchen faucet that saves water is essential to reduce water bills. Look out for faucets with aerators that mix water with air to increase water pressure while reducing the amount of water used. A WaterSense certified commercial kitchen faucet is a good water-efficient choice as it saves approximately 20% water usage while retaining excellent performance.

Safety Features

In a commercial kitchen, safety should always be the top priority. A functional and safe commercial kitchen faucet should have a reliable touchless technology. This technology allows the faucet to be operated without touching it, thereby reducing the risk of contamination between staff and customers. Moreover, some commercial kitchen faucets has built-in features such as a temperature limit to prevent burns and scalds.

Mounting Options

The mounting options should fit the sink and the kitchen layout perfectly. Some kitchen faucets come with pre-existing holes in them while others are customized to fit individual sink designs. Ensure that the mounting holes align to the faucet so that functional and aesthetic requirements are met.

Cold and Hot Water Mixing

A commercial kitchen faucet must mix water to produce the desired hot or cold water temperature. Ensure that the faucet has a mixing valve or cartridge that sets the ideal temperature to avoid productivity drop when workers wait for hot water to come out of the faucet.

Spray Head Functionality

A commercial kitchen faucet spray head functionality should determine if it is ideal for your kitchen. Some faucets have pull-out or spring-coil functionalities as standard, while others have flexible nozzles which allow for a broader range of motion. A commercial kitchen faucet with a spray head function saves time, increases maneuverability, and allows for more efficient use of resources.

In conclusion, when purchasing a commercial kitchen faucet, the features highlighted in this article should be top of your list. A durable material, suitable style, water-efficient, and safety features, suitable mounting options, hot and cold water mixing, and spray head functionality are necessary components to consider when investing in your kitchen’s success.

Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Quality Commercial Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to equipping your commercial kitchen, one of the most vital components is the kitchen faucet. A high-quality commercial kitchen faucet provides numerous advantages to the business, and upgrading to one is a smart investment. Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you decide to upgrade to a high-quality commercial kitchen faucet.

1. Time-Saving

One of the most significant benefits of having a high-quality commercial kitchen faucet is the time-saving advantage. With a quality faucet, you’ll have faster flow rates that enables you to fill pots and pans quickly. This can be particularly useful during busy periods when time is of the essence.

In addition, switching from a manual faucet to an automatic one saves time. Automatic faucets have sensors that detect when someone is within range. This means you won’t need to turn the faucet on or off, which can save you valuable seconds, especially when you need to keep your hands free of potential cross-contamination.

2. Increased Durability

Commercial kitchens are busy places, and the faucet is likely to endure constant use, knocks, and bumps. Choosing a high-quality commercial kitchen faucet will offer you durability and longevity, making it a worthwhile investment. They are typically made of better quality material and designed to withstand heavy use day in and day out. These faucets have stronger components such as ceramic disk valves, which are stronger than other valves in the market, helping you to avoid significant repairs or replacements.

Another aspect to consider is the longevity of the faucet finishes. A commercial kitchen faucet of high quality often features finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, or brass that resist corrosion and rust, making it look new and shiny for longer. A high-quality commercial kitchen faucet can provide resilience to all the challenges of a commercial kitchen, providing an excellent return on investment for your business.

3. Water Conservation

Commercial kitchens and restaurants use a lot of water in their daily tasks, from washing dishes to prepping vegetables and mopping floors. Even small savings of water can have a significant impact on your water bills and the environment. A high-quality commercial kitchen faucet often boasts aerators that reduce water usage without compromising the pressure and performance of the faucet. Installing a commercial kitchen faucet with an aerator or flow restrictor can save you a lot of water, and as a result, reduce your water bills.

4. Safety and Sanitation

The kitchen is a high-risk environment for cross-contamination, and minimizing the risk should be a top priority of any commercial kitchen. Choosing a high-quality commercial kitchen faucet with features like touchless sensors or pedals can help reduce the risk of contaminating the faucet handle, decreasing the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria. These touchless faucets also feature an automatic shut-off feature, which helps avoid accidental water wastage.

Moreover, many high-quality commercial kitchen faucets come with a pull-down sprayer feature that can help with rinsing and cleaning, giving you better control over the flow and direction of the water. This function provides a more thorough cleaning procedure, ensuring that your utensils and dishes are clean, hygienic and bacteria-free.


A high-quality commercial kitchen faucet is an essential component of any commercial kitchen. It is a long-term investment that provides numerous benefits, including increased durability, water conservation, safety and sanitation, and time-saving advantages. Upgrading your kitchen faucet can help reduce maintenance costs, increase overall efficiency, and provide a safe and sanitary environment for your staff and customers.

How to Properly Install a Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Installing a commercial kitchen faucet is a great idea if you want a durable and reliable faucet for your restaurant or food establishment. Not only will it make cleaning and washing tasks easier, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run because of its durability. However, installing a commercial kitchen faucet is not as easy as installing a regular faucet. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your installation is done right. Here’s how you can properly install a commercial kitchen faucet.

1. Turn Off Water Supply

Before starting with the installation process, you must first turn off the water supply to the faucet. This will prevent any accidental flooding or water damage. Also, make sure that you have all the necessary tools ready before installing the faucet. You don’t want to be running around looking for a wrench in the middle of your installation.

2. Remove Old Faucet

If you have an old faucet, you need to remove it first before installing the new one. This requires unscrewing the nuts located underneath the sink that hold the faucet in place. Once you have removed the nuts, gently pull the faucet out from the sink.

3. Install the New Faucet

When installing the new faucet, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, here are a few general steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Check the Faucet Parts

Before installing the new faucet, make sure you have all the parts included in the package. Double-check if all the screws, nuts, and washers, etc. are included. Some faucets may require additional parts like adapters or connectors. Make sure you have these parts ready if required.

Step 2: Install Washers and Screws

Gently place the rubber gasket over the mounting hole and secure it with a washer and nut included in the package. Make sure to hand-tighten both washers and nuts until the faucet is snug against the sink.

Step 3: Connect the Water Supply Lines

The water supply lines should already be connected to your plumbing. If not, connect it to your plumbing and tighten it with a wrench until it’s snug (do not over-tighten). Connect the other end of the water supply lines to the faucet and use Teflon tape around the threading to prevent any leaks.

Step 4: Test for Leaks

After tightening all the nuts and washers, turn on the water supply to make sure there are no leaks. Check both hot and cold water. If there are leaks, tighten the nuts and washers until the leak stops.

4. Reinstall Sink Accessories

Once you have installed the faucet, you can now reinstall the sink accessories like the sprayer, soap dispenser, and drain stopper. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly install these accessories.


Installing a commercial kitchen faucet will not only upgrade the look of your kitchen, but it will also add more functionality. Keep in mind that installing a new faucet is not rocket science, but it does require careful installation. Follow these steps, and you can enjoy a durable and reliable faucet in your commercial kitchen.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Commercial kitchen faucets are a crucial element in any restaurant, cafe, or bar. They are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of a commercial kitchen and provide a consistent and reliable flow of water. However, like any equipment, commercial kitchen faucets require regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition. Here are some maintenance tips for commercial kitchen faucets:

1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is the most crucial aspect of maintaining your commercial kitchen faucet. It would be best to wipe down the faucet surface after every use to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. Use warm water and soap to remove any food residues and stains from your faucet. Be sure to rinse and dry the faucet after cleaning to prevent water spots.

2. Check for Leaks

Commercial kitchen faucets experience a lot of wear and tear. It is not uncommon for them to develop leaks, which can be costly if not detected and repaired early. Check for leaks regularly by inspecting the faucet joints and connections. If you notice any leaks, contact a professional plumber to fix the issue immediately.

3. Inspect Water Pressure

Low water pressure can slow down your kitchen’s operations and reduce the efficiency of your equipment. To ensure optimal performance, inspect your faucet’s water pressure regularly. If you notice a decrease in water pressure, check your faucet aerator for clogs or mineral buildup. You can remove the aerator and clean it using vinegar and water to remove any mineral buildup.

4. Lubricate Moving Parts

Commercial kitchen faucets contain several moving parts, such as the handle, spout, and valve. These parts can become stiff or difficult to turn with time. To keep them functioning smoothly, apply a lubricant to the moving parts regularly. Use a food-grade lubricant that is safe for your kitchen environment.

When lubricating your faucet’s moving parts, start by turning off the water supply and closing the faucet’s valves. Remove any decorative caps or knobs that cover the screws and remove them. Lubricate the O-ring, threads, and moving parts with a food-grade lubricant. Reassemble the faucet and turn on the water supply. Test the faucet to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

5. Replace Worn Components

Commercial kitchen faucets are designed to last for years, but their components can wear out over time. When you notice any sign of wear or damage, it’s essential to replace them. Check your faucet’s handle, spout, and valve for any signs of wear, such as cracks, dents, or rust. You can purchase replacement parts from your faucet manufacturer or a reliable plumbing supplier.

In conclusion, maintaining your commercial kitchen faucet is essential for the efficient and safe operation of your kitchen. Clean your faucet regularly, check for leaks, inspect water pressure, lubricate moving parts, and replace worn components. With these maintenance tips, you can extend your faucet’s lifespan, reduce costs, and ensure that your kitchen runs smoothly at all times.

Top Brands of Commercial Kitchen Faucets on the Market

If you’re looking for a reliable and functional faucet for your commercial kitchen, you should choose from among the reputable brands on the market. A good quality commercial kitchen faucet should be durable, easy to use, and resistant to the wear and tear of everyday use. Here are the top five brands of commercial kitchen faucets that you should consider:

1. Moen

Moen is a reliable brand in commercial kitchen faucets due to its advanced features and unmatched functionality. Moen faucets come with a high arc spout, which swivels 360 degrees, allowing large pots and pans to be washed with ease. Moen faucets also have a unique motion sense feature that turns water on and off when detecting the presence of an object near the faucet. Furthermore, their faucets have a long lifespan and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

2. Kohler

Kohler is a well-known brand in the plumbing industry and offers a wide range of commercial kitchen faucets for different applications. Their faucets come with a high arc spout that swivels from side to side and is perfect for washing pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. Kohler faucets also have a pull-out or pull-down spray feature that makes rinsing and cleaning much easier. The spray feature is designed to reach every corner while providing maximum flexibility for the user.

3. Delta

Delta is a reliable brand that offers different types of commercial kitchen faucets, including single handle, double handle, and touchless faucets. Delta faucets have a sleek design that is perfect for modern commercial kitchens. They have a high arc spout that makes cleaning large pots and pans easier. Delta faucets also come with a pull-down spray feature that provides maximum flexibility when washing other kitchen utensils. Delta offers a lifetime warranty for their faucets, making it a reliable brand known for its durability.

4. American Standard

American Standard is a reliable brand offering a range of commercial kitchen faucets, including brass, stainless steel, and chrome faucets. These faucets have a high arc design that makes it easier to wash larger pots, pans and dishes. American Standard faucets come with a ceramic disc valve that ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance. They also have adjustable flow rates which can be reduced to save water. With a limited lifetime warranty, the brand has proven to be reliable in the plumbing industry.

5. Kraus

Kraus commercial kitchen faucets are known for their excellent durability and modern design. Kraus faucets come with high-quality components and features a dual function spray head that switches from flow to spray mode easily. It has a high arc spout that swivels 360 degrees for easy access to all parts of the sink. Kraus faucets use a ceramic cartridge that ensures long-lasting performance and has a reputation for durability. The brand offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their faucets, making them a reliable option for any commercial kitchen.

In conclusion, commercial kitchen faucets play a crucial role in any foodservice establishment. Regardless of the brand you choose, make sure that it meets your needs and requirements. The top five brands of commercial kitchen faucets discussed above are reliable and have proven to be durable over time, ensuring that you get value for your money.