Upgrade Your Dining Space with Big Lots Kitchen Tables

Types of Big Lots Kitchen Tables

Big Lots is a famous retail company that offers a wide variety of products, including kitchen tables. If you are looking for a quality yet affordable kitchen table, Big Lots is an ideal destination. They have an extensive collection of kitchen tables ranging from classic to modern designs with different unique features. These tables come in different styles, sizes, shapes, materials, and colors that will make your kitchen look elegant.

One of the popular types of Big Lots Kitchen Tables is the round table. It is perfect for families or small groups since it promotes intimacy and conversation among its users. Round tables are flexible since they don’t have corners, making them easy to fit into tight spaces or small rooms. They also come in different materials such as glass, wood, and metal in a variety of colors to blend with your kitchen theme. Round tables typically have a pedestal base, which provides more legroom, making it a comfortable option for seating people.

The second most common type of Big Lots Kitchen Tables is the rectangular table. It is perfect for large families, dinner parties, or formal dining since it can seat a considerable number of people. The rectangular table comes in different sizes, ranging from six-seater to twelve-seater, depending on your need. Rectangular tables have various styles that vary from traditional, modern, rustic, or industrial styles and can be made of different materials, including wood, glass, or metal.

If you are looking for an unconventional kitchen table, then the square table is your ideal choice. The square table equally distributes seating space and is perfect for intimate dinners or small family setups. It promotes intimacy and ensures a more engaging conversation since everyone can comfortably reach each other. Square tables come in different styles, with some featuring a pedestal base and others with four legs, providing an even more customized look.

Another unique design that you can find at Big Lots is oval kitchen tables. They offer the same level of intimacy and flexibility as round tables but have the seating capacity of a rectangular table. Oval tables have soft angles that make them ideal if you have children or are always on the move within the house. Oval tables also have different styles and come in various materials like wood, glass, or metal, making them a suitable option for any kitchen theme.

If you have a small kitchen, then a drop-leaf table is an excellent space-saving option. They have hinged extensions on both sides that can be folded down when not in use, making them perfect for limited spaces. Drop-leaf tables come in different shapes, designs, materials, and colors that can blend with any kitchen style. They are versatile and can be used either in the kitchen or dining room.

Finally, if you are looking for flexibility in your kitchen table options, then a multi-purpose table is what you need. These types of table serve multiple functions, including working space, dining table, and entertainment center. Some multi-purpose tables have built-in storage compartments, making them perfect for small kitchen spaces. They come in different styles, sizes, and materials, and you can choose based on your preference.

Big Lots provides a broad range of kitchen table options that would match any kitchen size, design, and style. No need to worry about the cost since all of these tables are affordable and of good quality. With the different options available, you can choose based on the number of people you are hosting, your budget, and the amount of space in your kitchen.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Big Lots Kitchen Table

Choosing a kitchen table is not just about finding a piece of furniture that looks good; it’s also about finding one that meets your specific needs. When it comes to big lots kitchen tables, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure that you find a table that not only looks great, but also meets all of your functional requirements.


The size of your big lots kitchen table is perhaps the most important factor to consider. After all, you want to make sure that the table you choose is the right size for your space. To determine the right size of the table you need, measure your kitchen space and leave enough room for chairs to be pulled out comfortably. You don’t want to have a table that’s too big for your kitchen, but you also don’t want a table that’s too small, as it may not be functional for your needs.

In addition to the size of your kitchen, the number of people in your household also plays a role in determining the size of the table you need. For smaller households, a smaller table may suffice, but for larger families or those who entertain frequently, a larger table is essential.


The shape of your big lots kitchen table is also essential. Do you prefer a round, square or rectangular table? Each shape has its advantages and disadvantages. Round tables are better for smaller spaces and create a more intimate setting, whereas rectangular tables are better for larger spaces and can seat more people.

Square tables are ideal for smaller families and can easily fit into a corner, but they may not be suitable for those who like to entertain. When it comes to choosing a shape, consider how many people you need to seat regularly and whether the table will be used for other purposes besides eating, such as doing work or playing games.


The material of your big lots kitchen table will determine its durability and maintenance requirements. Wood is the most popular material for kitchen tables but can be relatively expensive and may require upkeep to keep it looking new. Metal tables offer a modern look and are easy to clean, but they can be noisy and may not be as durable as wood.

Other popular materials for kitchen tables include glass, marble and granite. Glass tables are easy to clean and can make your space feel larger, but they may not be suitable for households with young children. Marble and granite tables offer a luxurious look, but they can be heavy and difficult to move.


Finally, the style of your big lots kitchen table is essential for creating the desired ambiance in your space. Do you want a rustic wooden table, a modern metal table, or a classic marble table? The style of your table should complement the overall design of your kitchen and reflect your personal taste.

Consider the finish of the table when choosing a style. Do you want a table with a high-gloss finish, or do you prefer a more rustic look? Also, think about the color of the table. Do you want a table that blends in with your kitchen’s color scheme, or do you want to make a statement with a bold-colored table?


Choosing the right big lots kitchen table is about finding the perfect balance between functionality and style. By taking into account the size, shape, material, and style of your table, as well as your specific needs, you can find a table that not only looks great but also meets all of your functional requirements.

Benefits of Having a Big Lots Kitchen Table

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is what type of kitchen table to get. While there are many different options out there, ranging from small bistro tables to large formal dining sets, an increasingly popular choice is the big lots kitchen table. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of having a big lots kitchen table.

1. Plenty of Space for Cooking

One of the biggest advantages of a big lots kitchen table is the amount of space it provides for cooking and food preparation. Whether you’re cooking up a storm for a big family dinner or just making some toast and coffee in the morning, a large table provides plenty of room to work. Even better, if you choose a table with a built-in cutting board or other food prep accessories, you’ll have even more space to do your thing.

Another benefit of a big lots kitchen table is that it can also double as a workspace or home office. If you work from home or just need a place to spread out and get some work done, a large table can be a great solution. You can set up your computer, paperwork, and other materials on the table and still have plenty of room to work. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural light and fresh air that come with being in the kitchen!

2. Ideal for Entertaining

Another key benefit of a big lots kitchen table is that it makes entertaining a breeze. Whether you’re hosting a big holiday dinner or just having friends over for a casual evening, a large table gives everyone plenty of room to sit, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, with a variety of different styles and finishes available, you can choose a table that perfectly matches your home’s decor and sets the right mood for your gathering.

A big lots kitchen table is also ideal for families with kids. Whether your little ones are doing homework or just playing with toys, having a large, sturdy table provides plenty of space for them to spread out and enjoy themselves. Plus, with easy-to-clean surfaces and durable materials, you won’t have to worry about spills, stains, or other accidents ruining your table.

3. Great for Family Meals

Finally, one of the best reasons to invest in a big lots kitchen table is to bring your family together for meals. With busy schedules and hectic lives, it can be tough to find time to sit down and enjoy a meal as a family. But with a large, comfortable table, you’ll be able to do just that. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, gathering around the table with your loved ones is a great way to stay connected and strengthen your bonds.

Plus, when you have a big lots kitchen table, you’ll be able to cook and serve larger meals, which can be a great way to celebrate special occasions or just enjoy a decadent feast. And with plenty of room for everyone to sit and relax, your family will be able to savor every bite and every moment together.

So if you’re looking for a versatile, practical, and stylish addition to your kitchen, consider investing in a big lots kitchen table. With plenty of benefits for cooking, entertaining, and family bonding, it’s the perfect choice for any home.

Big Lots Kitchen Tables: A Perfect Addition to Your Home

Big Lots Kitchen Tables are a great investment for anyone who loves to entertain guests. These tables come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so you are sure to find one that fits your preferences and decor. Once you have purchased your new Big Lots Kitchen Table, you may wonder how to decorate around it. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Choose the Proper Rug

A well-chosen rug can add warmth and texture to your dining area and connect your table with the rest of your space. When choosing a rug for your dining area, ensure that it is large enough to accommodate your table and chairs, even when they are pulled out. Pick a rug with a subtle pattern or color that compliments your table and dining area’s overall look. Neutral tones like beige, cream, and gray are excellent choices that will never go out of style. You could also incorporate a rug that has a bright or bold pattern if you want to add some striking contrast to your dining area.

2. Dress up Your Chairs

Your chairs are just as important as your table when it comes to decorating and styling. You could opt for upholstered chairs if you want to add some texture or color. Alternatively, add some vibrant cushions or covers to your existing chairs to inject some personality into your space. It’s also nice to consider adding chairs that can be stacked easily. This way, you can set aside some space whenever you need it urgently.

3. Add Decorative Lights

Your dining area should be well-lit, but don’t let that limit your creativity when it comes to light fixtures. Pendant lights or chandeliers can add some elegance and glamour to your space, while string lights can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The lights you choose should not only match your table, but also be functional and effective.

4. Install Shelves or Cabinets

If you have space in your dining area, you could try installing shelves or cabinets. This provides additional storage, display areas, or efficient mechanisms for displaying various items like cutlery and ornaments. You could use floating shelves or a combination of open and closed cabinets, depending on your style and preferences. Another excellent idea is to add some greenery by placing potted plants on the shelves or cabinets.

In conclusion

Decorating around your new Big Lots Kitchen Table is an excellent opportunity to inject some personality and style into your dining area. Whether you choose to add some new chairs or install shelves, there is a world of possibilities available to you. We hope these ideas give you inspiration for decorating your space. Remember, the key is to have fun, experiment, and enjoy the process!

Maintenance Tips for Big Lots Kitchen Tables

Big Lots kitchen tables can be a great addition to any home. They are popular not only for their sturdy construction and versatile designs but also for their reasonable prices. If you are a proud owner of a Big Lots kitchen table, you must take good care of it to ensure that it lasts long and looks good. In this article, we will discuss five maintenance tips for Big Lots kitchen tables.

1. Clean it regularly

The first and foremost maintenance tip for any furniture is to keep it clean. Your Big Lots kitchen table is no exception. You should clean it regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and food residue. If dirt or dust accumulates on the table, it can cause scratches, stains, or even damage the finish of the table. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the table clean. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasives as they can damage the table’s surface or strip away the protective finish.

2. Protect it from heat and moisture

In most homes, the kitchen is the busiest room, and the kitchen table is constantly exposed to heat and moisture. To ensure that your Big Lots kitchen table is protected from heat and moisture, consider using placemats, coasters, and trivets. These items will prevent hot plates, cups, and dishes from damaging the table’s surface or creating watermarks. Additionally, clean up any spills and stains immediately to avoid them from seeping into the table’s surface.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause the finish of the table to fade or peel away. Therefore, you should protect your Big Lots kitchen table from direct sunlight. Avoid placing it near windows or in areas that receive direct sunlight. If this is unavoidable, consider using window shades, blinds, or curtains to minimize the exposure to sunlight.

4. Check for damage regularly

Like any other piece of furniture, Big Lots kitchen tables can sustain damage over time. Regularly check your table for any signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or scratches. If you notice any damage, take immediate steps to address it. If left unattended, minor damage can worsen and eventually cause significant harm to the table’s structural integrity.

5. Regularly apply a protective coat

If you want your Big Lots kitchen table to last long and maintain its natural sheen, consider applying a protective layer. A protective layer will shield the table’s surface from any damage caused by heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. Before applying a protective layer, ensure that the table is clean and dry. You can use a varnish, wax, or polyurethane-based coat to protect the table. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the protective coat.

In conclusion, Big Lots kitchen tables are an excellent investment for any home. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Big Lots kitchen table looks fantastic and lasts for years to come.